Membership Plans

Genesis Chiropractic offers
Chiropractic Membership Plans
for patients who are PAST Crisis Care.

Patients in a Discovery (or a Crisis ) stage of  Care normally need
somewhat frequent office visits for a short time,
and are offered Treatment Plans.
Examples of patients who may need Crisis Care are:

  • People who have been in an accident.  (Sporting, including possible concussion, Car, or other type of accident.)
  • People who have been suffering from a condition for a long time with little or no relief.
  • People in a situation of acute (marked or pronounced) pain with or without loss of function.

Patients who have successfully completed a Treatment Plan,

Have experienced the benefits of Care and
now better understand Chiropractic,
the value of their well-being,
and the import of continued care,
can apply for  a Chiropractic Membership Plan.

(Patients who are transferring from another Membership Chiropractic Practice may also be eligible for Membership –
talk to us about this in the office!)

Non-Therapeutic Chiropractic Membership Plans are offered for very a reasonable monthly fee
(for an individual), and are also available for Families!
Membership Plans allow access to the practice, and up to 4 Checks / Adjustments per month for the one affordable fee.
In other words, for less than the (national) average cost of 1.5 Full-Spine Adjustments, a Member can visit the practice during that month, to be Checked (and if necessary to be Adjusted) up to 4 times – that you and your loved ones express Ideal Function and LIFE!

Ethnic Family Pic

If you are seeking regular Chiropractic Care in Knoxville, TN (and the surrounding areas) and would like to discuss Membership, call our office today to make an appointment:

(865) 454-0313
or click here to schedule your appointment online!

Membership fees do not include New Patient Examination and Report.
On all plans, there is a separate one-time Sign-Up fee.
Children may also be included on a Family (2 Adults) Membership!

Anglo Blonde Family Pic

“Our family’s health has improved SO much
over the last few months… 

we’ve told all our friends!
PL (Knoxville, TN)

Call us to discuss a Chiropractic Membership Plan

or click here to schedule your New Patient Examination and Care
and discuss it then!

GOD made You Wonderfully…

The Intelligence that Created your body,
Ideal Function and LIFE,


Call Dr. C to restore its ideal LIFE-expression!
(865) 454-0313

Dr. C [Marco Castaneda, D.C.] is a Palmer-graduated Chiropractor who provides quality individualized chiropractic care to patients in and from Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas. Genesis Chiropractic is located in Halls Crossroads, TN, off of Emory Road, between Maynardville Hwy. and Tazewell Pike, very close to the Gibbs crossing and only a few miles from Corryton.

7786 Emory Chase Ln, Knoxville, TN 37918 This website has been developed for the purposes of informing and educating. If you have any questions about particular conditions, please contact Dr. C (865) 454-0313

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