Free Chiropractic Consultation

Dr. C welcomes you to click Book Now!

(or give him a call) to  set up an appointment
for a FREE fifteen minute initial consultation.
This gives you the opportunity to meet with him, discuss your condition,
and find out whether Chiropractic can help you.

After that, Dr. C will present you with the opportunity to receive a complete and thorough initial Examination including: sEMG, Thermography, spinal (and other) joint and muscle function evaluation, and more, but the choice is always yours.

You can decline, and shake Dr. C’s hand after the initial consultation without any obligation  (at your request, if you reserved your consult / Examination online your $19 reservation fee will be cheerfully refunded), or you can  request that Dr. C do an Initial Examination.

Nearly all patients find that after the free consultation, they want Dr. C to do the initial examination. The initial examination typically takes half an hour, so Dr. C recommends that you set aside about 45 minutes in your schedule for your first visit to the practice.

The initial examination (and treatment / Adjustment)
has a value well over what you will be expected to pay ($69).

“I walked around in pain for over a year (while going through physiotherapy!)
Dr. C took one look at me (and my x-rays) and knew what the problem was right away.
I am now pain-free and training again.”

Brent Hunter, Knoxville, TN

If you live in Knoxville, TN or the surrounding areas, and would like a Free Chiropractic Consultation call our office today to make an appointment:
(865) 454-0313 or click this button:Book Now! to get BookedIN and schedule your appointment online at your convenience!

The Intelligence that Created the your body, still repairs your body.

God gave you a self-repairing mechanism –
Make an appointment with Dr. C to restore its ideal self-repairing function!

Dr. C (Marco  Castaneda, DC [BA, CPN] ) is a Palmer-graduated Chiropractor who provides quality individualized Chiropractic care to patients in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas. Genesis Chiropractic is located in Halls Crossroads, TN, off of Emory Road, between Maynardville Hwy. and Tazewell Pike, very close to the Gibbs crossing and only a few miles from Corryton. (7786 Emory Chase Ln, Knoxville, TN 37918)

This website has been developed for the purposes of informing and educating. If you have any questions about particular conditions, please contact Dr. C (865) 454-0313

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