What is Chiropractic?

THE HEALTH care PROFESSION that is concerned with:

The care and prevention of disorders of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system
(bones, muscles, and nerves), and the effects these problems create on general health.

In practice, some Chiropractors specialize in the ADJUSTMENT of joints,
especially those of the VERTEBRAL COLUMN (the neck and back).

Restoring ideal motion and function to these joints reduces irritation to the NERVE system related to these joints (by way of the sympathetic branch of the nervous system).
Adjusting reduces the quantity of abnormal (and sometimes painful) signals (“nociception”) traveling through the spinal cord.
Reduction of this noxious “noise” is vital, as high levels of these signals are related to the onset of stress related disorders and dis–EASE (a state of lack of ease, or ill-being).

Some Chiropractors also address Extremities (shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles) to reduce this “nociceptive noise” to the nervous system.

Chiropractic is a SAFE, non-invasive approach to health care.
MODERN Chiropractors utilize specific Adjustment techniques to help the body restore well-being to the body. “Dr. C” uses a variety of GENTLE by-hand and instrument-assisted Adjusting techniques to address numerous joint, soft tissue (muscle) and health issues.

If you are looking for Chiropractic Care in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas call our office today to make an appointment.(865) 454-0313 or click here to schedule your appointment online.

“If you are hurting, instead of medicine, you should try Dr. C. He showed me a better way of healing, found problems in my body and made them feel better…
Thank You Dr. C!”

                                                         – Darrell Brown, Knoxville, TN


….is aboutTheSpineAndOrgans helping people live HEALTHY, fuller lives. While typically thought of as “bone doctors,” Chiropractors actually focus on the NERVE SYSTEM and painlessly, manually Adjust the vertebral column in order to affect the nervous system by UNDBURDENING it.

…is a system of healthcare focused on restoring, preserving, and optimizing health by natural hands-on care.

…focuses on analysis, Adjustment and prevention of mechanical dysfunctions of the musculo-skeletal system (subluxations) and the effects of these disorders on the functions of the nervous system and general health. It emphasizes spinal (and other joint) ADJUSTING and on occasion, soft-tissue manipulation.

…examines the relationship between structure and function and its impact on neurology.

Chiropractic is based on the FACT that spinal joint dysfunction (or “vertebral subluxation”) creates sympatheticotonia, interferes with the ideal function of the nervous system, and that this stressed has been shown in research to generate many different conditions of diminished health.

Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by DD Palmer in the USA, and is practiced in more than 100 countries. 

Chiropractors are licensed professionals (Primary Care Physicians) who are trained to diagnose and appropriately care for (or refer) patients for the care they require.

A Chiropractor can develop and carry out a comprehensive treatment and management plan that can include spinal Adjustments, soft tissue therapy, prescription of exercises, and health and lifestyle counseling.


Where conventional or “allopathic” medicine focuses on treating the symptoms of illness through surgery, pharmaceuticals, and radiation, the goal of Chiropractic is to optimize health with a non-invasive approach that does not use drugs or surgery. Chiropractic’s primary avenue of care is the ADJUSTMENT (and restoration) of the spine – the framework of the body.

The word “chiropractic” comes from the Greek words CHEIR (hand) and PRAXIS (action), and simply means “done by hand.”

Chiropractic patients normally visit their Chiropractors periodically in order to address often PAINLESS dysfunctions that insult the nervous system with irritation (subluxations). This what it means to get “Checked and Adjusted.” Individuals often also seek Chiropractic care for back pain, headaches, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, sprains, as well as non-musculo-skeletal conditions including allergies, asthma, and digestive disorders.

The nervous system is the master controlling system of the body
and controls and coordinates ALL other systems
such as respiratory, digestive, mNS Pic in yellowuscular, immune and others.
The nervous system includes the brain, THE SPINAL CORD, the spinal nerves that exit the VERTEBRAL COLUMN through openings on the sides of each vertebra, and ALL the peripheral nerves that branch off to serve organs, tissues, blood vessels, muscles etc.

Information from the environment or BODY, both external and internal, goes through the SPINAL CORD (encased in the spine) to get to the BRAIN. In the same manner, information and decisions made in the BRAIN go through the SPINAL CORD (encased within the spine) to effect certain outcomes (changes) in the BODY. It is a two-way flow of information!

Our nerves are responsible for communication between the BRAIN and all the ORGANS, systems, TISSUES and CELLS in the body.

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Dr. C [Marco E. Castaneda, D.C.] is a Palmer-graduated Chiropractor who provides quality individualized chiropractic care to patients in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas. Genesis Chiropractic is located in Halls Crossroads, TN, off of Emory Road, between Maynardville Hwy. and Tazewell Pike, very close to the Gibbs crossing and only a few miles from Corryton.

7786 Emory Chase Ln, Knoxville, TN 37918 This website has been developed for the purposes of informing and educating. If you have any questions about particular conditions, please contact Dr. C (865) 454-0313 DrC@GoDrC.com

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