Patient Testimonials

So, we just began your care here not too long ago –
what changes have you noticed? 
Well my back – I used to have pains that went down my leg
and into BOTH my feet,

And now I don’t have pains in EITHER one of my feet
just a little “tightness” in my back but – 
No more pain!
So that’s what? 2 or 3 times I’ve been here –
And it’s already helped –  a TON..!
Thank you for sharing your testimony
You’re very welcome! 🙂
MO, Client
Soon to be Practice Member

“…after the last Adjustment, I went from having tingling in this arm right from here ALL the way down to my thumb – several times a day, daily, for months
to (just) three times over the last WEEK (!)
Just a little bit of tingling – (on) three different occasions. That was IT.”

– ED (Client, now considering Membership at Genesis)

How are you doing?
(We’re not about pain in our office – but I can’t help but be curious)
Are you dealing with less body pain? 

A LOT less body pain – especially back pain!
This again, between this – what you’re doing (touches shoulder) –
and teaching myself not to sleep on my shoulder –
my shoulders are improving!
(And) everything else! So yeah!

I feel like a… I’d say “new man” but…
Ahh… (so-so hand gesture) ain’t quite THERE yet! (Laughs)

– JJ, now a regular Practice Member

“I haven’t had ANY headaches since I started getting Adjusted
and with my neck and everything –
I haven’t had any headaches at ALL.”

That’s wonderful!

“I’m glad, because I hate to take ‘medicine’ – you know:
Tylenol, Motrin…
and I was taking them twice a DAY
and I haven’t taken them AT ALL since I began coming here!” – FM

– FM, a Patient whose care began after seeing her Spouse’s improvement!

– PH, now a regular Practice Member: While lying down, explains: “My feet don’t feel like they’re ‘coming over my head’ (like I was falling backwards) anymore… I’m HAPPY!” 🙂

“Yeah, I’m now sleeping on my back!”
– MG – a patient who could not sleep in ANY position except SITTING…
(if one could call that “sleeping!”) due to shoulder and back injury discomfort –
their own report after just a few visits!

“I haven’t had that much mobility in that leg (noting it as I examine it) –for a couple of YEARS – all since we started!”
– SF, a Practice Member who had sought care for discomfort in another region of his body – and we’d not even touched his leg!

“I tell my co-workers about how I’m coming in, and my progress –
as before [care], my husband had to help me get dressed because
I couldn’t get my arm over my head! He had to put my shirt ON me!
Now – I can’t believe the DIFFERENCE!”

(Smiles, and moves her arm over her head as she says this)

TG, Patient, and now Practice Member

“I had numbness in my left thumb when I first started
coming to see you, and now, [I] can’t even tell [if] it’s there anymore!
It’s like it’s ‘brand new!’ There is [now] NO numbness WHATSOEVER,
it’s like it’s completely HEALED!”
AB, Practice Member

“I drove today – and was able to look [both] RIGHT AND LEFT!” – LS, Patient

“…it was really hurting, really bad! But after I got Adjusted on Wednesday,
I came back, you did the Adjustment…
and it didn’t hurt at all, because of that (the Adjustment)!
Of course, you know [that]!”
– CG, Patient, now Practice Member

KW, we began care not too long ago – how are you doing?
“I am doing GREAT! I have been practically pain-FREE for about…
at LEAST a week now.”

Is that kind of exciting?
“Yes! What a DIFFERENCE! I’ve been in pain for a LONG time…”
I’m so sorry to hear that.
How long has it been [that you’ve been in pain]?
“Uh… [it’s beenYEARS!
OK! So we’re making some changes!

– KW, who’d been in pain even while receiving PhysioTherapy…


“I was so glad to see the change in just one visit –
I feel [care at Genesis Chiropractic] is a worthy investment!”
BF, another satisfied Patient!

“I first came in because of my lower back,
with shooting pains to the side,
and after coming to see you…
I’m better – I’m able to stay asleep for the whole night,
And before I’d be waking up like 3 or 4 times per night,
Which was BAD…
And [now] I’ve noticed increased energy as well!” – M, Patient (see video above)

“We worked on some issues here, between my shoulder and spine,
and most of that is completely gone…
we did some work on my KNEE, which has been annoying me for a while,
and after just a couple of treatments… a  lot of the pain is gone…
it’s getting better and better!”
– RS, Patient, later became a Practice Member

“…my feet used to hurt a LOT when I first came in, you know, now they DON’T HURT! I feel a little bit from the treatment, but I’m doing a LOT better now!” – DG, Patient now Practice Member

Can Organ Function (such as a Heart and it’s Blood Pressure) REALLY be improved through care?

(Seeing is Believing!)


“I was all set to move into a new apartment when I noticed that the space was [actually] smaller than what I currently have; and – speaking to the former tenants – I discovered the noise levels were unacceptably high “all day long!”  As I was already pretty far along in the moving process, the OLD me would have gone ahead with the move… The NEW me was able to make a CHANGE and act DIFFERENTLY. I want to thank you, because I know I would not have been able to make that kind of change before receiving your care [at Genesis]… I had not made the connection between [subluxation] and cognitive FUNCTION until I heard you talk about it to my friend during the Orientation. Now I KNOW I was better able to hear that “small voice” because of your care!” – KH, Practice Member

“I just KNEW something was wrong [with my shoulder].
‘OK, so you came to us and we treated you for a few visits. How are you doing?
MUCH BETTER! I’m pretty much doing what I did before [injuring myself]!”

– DP, Athletic Instructor / Trainer & Patient of Genesis

“I’ve been to other Chiropractors, I’ve been to Osteopaths, I’ve had cortisone injections…
This has been going on for about 5,6, or 8 years, and I am SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER!
And I just can’t begin to tell you – I mean to tell you, I just feel like a new woman!”

– MB, Patient, now Practice Member

[Now] I can tell a difference in EVERYDAY life…
In the difference of  LIVING a life and [vs] having a life.
The difference is HUGE! 
– Another Practice Member

My sleeping has definitely gotten a lot better!
[Originally] My LOWER BACK hurt really bad and…
felt all “heavy,” so when I lay down it would hurt a LOT…
and now it’s felt a lot… ‘LIGHTER’ I guess?! So I’m feeling a lot BETTER!
– BG, Patient


“I’ve had this problem (pain) for over a year,
“lived with it” since before coming here [to Genesis]
and now I am feeling improvement for the first time in YEARS… Of COURSE I’m going to continue care!”
 – CV, Patient (and now Practice Member) when asked about continuing his care past “Crisis Care”

“Since beginning the [ADJUSTING and] LASER treatment, I’ve seen my [psoriasis affected region] reduce in area, get dryer and more compact – YAY!!” – CR, Practice Member

“…when I came in here, I could barely WALK… I couldn’t even DRIVE...
On one – my right leg – my hamstring was SO tight [I couldn’t walk],
on my [right] elbow, I couldn’t even make a fist!
Just in a few [visits], it’s like ‘Day and night!’
JG, Patient of Genesis Chiropractic

“I had my first MIGRAINE on our honeymoon cruise… Since I’ve started seeing you,
I’ve not had a SINGLE migraine! –
AB, Practice Member

“I had Low Back Pain for TWO YEARS and was taking “medicine” for it EVERY DAY. I couldn’t STAND UP from sitting without supporting myself, walked in PAIN,
and if I bent over – I couldn’t straighten back up! Even ON THE JOB!
[Although we’re not done with treatment yet]
I can already get up from sitting and from stooping forward, and I can even walk – I don’t think I have even 1/4th of the pain I had before!” – EB,
 Patient of Genesis

There are many more hand written (and signed) Testimonials
on file at Genesis Chiropractic…
what are YOU waiting for? 🙂