Chiropractic Treatments in Knoxville, TN

As a graduate from the original and most prestigious school of Chiropractic – Palmer College of Chiropractic (Davenport, IA) Dr C uses a variety of Chiropractic Adjusting techniques to correct subluxations (joint dysfunctions that then affect muscles, nerves, and other structures).

Certain that the Intelligence that created the body (and continually RE-creates it) CAN heal the body (in the absence of irreversible pathology) when  interference to its self-correction is removed, Dr C has continued to increase his knowledge and improve his  skill in different gentle Adjusting techniques.

What are Dr. C’s treatments like?

Dr. C's treatments are determined both on a case-by-case and session-to-session basis, because Dr. C does not believe that one technique "fits all patients" nor that it does so "at all times.”
How does Dr. C treat patients? 

As a Palmer College of Chiropractic Graduate, Dr. C primarily uses the "Palmer Package" of Techniques:
  • “Diversified” Technique – Gentle versions of the “Classic” Chiropractic “Hands-On” (or Manual) Adjusting techniques taken from diverse sources (hence the name).
  • Thompson ™ Terminal Point Table Technique – Wherein special table sections “drop” about an inch or so to minimize the amount of force used by the Doctor on the patient, while using the patient’s falling body weight to maximize joint motion. Consequently, the amount of information being sent to the patient’s nervous system (brain) is maximized.
  • Gonstead Technique – The system of X-ray analysis (and manual Adjusting) created by Clarence Gonstead, a Chiropractic innovator who helped thousands of patients. (An air landing strip was reportedly built near his practice to facilitate patient arrival!)
  • Activator ™ Methods Chiropractic Technique (AMCT) – an instrument technique gentle enough for babies, yet effective enough to use on ANY size person. Its effectiveness is based on a specific frequency of oscillation and speed (the instrument is over 100x faster than the human hand) causing mechano-receptor firing (and causing the brain to make changes to function).  


Dr. C has also gone on to study the basis of several other Adjusting techniques (Pettibon, CBP, et al), as well as additional therapeutic approaches such as Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, The MyoKinesthetic ™ System (to address neurological interference through muscles), the Traditional Chinese Medicine technique of Gua-Sha for Sport Injuries, Low Dose (Musculoskeletal) Homeopathy, and the use of Low-Level Laser Light Therapy to decrease healing time.

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If you are seeking gentle Chiropractic Treatments in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas call our office today to make an appointment. (865) 454-0313

“I walked around in pain for over a year (while going through physiotherapy!) Dr. C took one look at me (and my x-rays) and knew what the problem was right away. I am now pain-free and training again.”

Brent Hunter, Amateur MMA athlete & competitor

What does Dr. C do?

Dr. C is a Chiropractor, that is, one who utilizes Chiropractic, “…a natural healing system (ie, that does not employ drugs or surgery) founded in 1895 when Dr. DD Palmer found a misaligned vertebra in the neck of a patient who suffered from deafness.Dr. DD Palmer corrected the misalignment, and Harvey Lillard (the patient) regained his hearing and went on to have normal hearing for the rest of his life. Dr DD Palmer’s son (Dr. BJ Palmer) continued the study of the spine as an entryway into the Nerve System of the body, and later called this Art, Science, and Philosophy “Chiropractic,” from the Greek “Cheir” (hand) and “Prakticos” (practice or ‘done by’).”To help in the detection of (and monitor) interference to the Central Nerve System of patients (subluxation), Dr C performs both classic – Orthopedic, Neurological, and (when needed) Radiologic (x-ray) testing, as well as the most modern testing – surface ElectroMyoGraphy (sEMG) and Infra-Red Thermal Scanning using technology certified by the Space Foundation. 


Correction of subluxation (Adjusting) is done manually, through instrument adjusting, or both.

Dr C is also trained in the use of Physio-Therapeutics and Rehabilitation, Postural Correction, and the use of modalities (such as Electro-therapy, Cryotherapy and Low Level Laser) in addition to Musculoskeletal Homeopathy to better create an environment for patients to regain and maintain their performance and health. More specific information on his approach may be obtained by contacting him directly:

Marco E Castaneda, DC, BA, CFT
Genesis Chiropractic
7786 Emory Chase Lane
Knoxville, TN 37918

Ofc: (865) 454-0313 or click here to schedule your appointment online.

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The Intelligence that Created your body, CAN still direct your body’s healing –
IF its self-healing mechanisms are free from interference…
Call Dr. C to restore ideal self-repair! (865) 454-0313

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