Fortnight Focus

 What would happen if your garbage was not picked up for a few weeks?

 trashcan image cartoon

If left inside your home, it’d likely get in the way and get pretty stinky – wouldn’t it? Left outside, it’s still get stinky (although you might not notice it). It’d start attracting insects and eventually vermin, and other problems would begin. In a similar manner, physical, chemical and emotional stresses (subluxations) that are not “cleaned out” from your nerve system on a regular basis can create “spill over” in ways that affect you  such as: poor sleep, fatigue, weakened immunity, poor digestion, recurring pains, and anxiety.

Practice Members who keep their nerve system “clear” with regular Chiropractic Adjustments report better sleep, improved recovery from injuries, clearer thinking, and more energy. If you’re feeling tired, stressed, or run-down, perhaps its time to take out the nerve system trash by visiting your Chiropractor!

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