Fortnight Focus

Unwind Your Tensions with Chiroprac-TIC!

Rubber Bands Subluxation Pic

Ever feel “wound up” from the stresses of life? You might feel tight and distorted, like a rubber band that has been pulled to the brink of snapping, or twisted to the point of distortion… That tension you feel isn’t in you head… It’s actually in your Nerve System!

The constant, never ending stress of life builds tension in your nerve system like an over twisted rubber band that robs you of experiencing the fullness of Life…. Chiropractors refer to this state of being as “being subluxated.” If you do not regularly purge this tension from your Nerve System, it builds up silently, until an emotional or physical crisis manifests. 😦 The solution? Release the tension with preventive Chiropractic care, and get control of your Life again!

Chiropractic care gently removes stress from your spine and spinal CORD before a critical failure can occur. Your spinal cord is one “rubber band” you NEED to keep clear! Unwind your stress with regular Chiropractic Adjustments and start to experience the tension-Free Life you were meant to have!

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