Treatment Plans

Chiropractic Treatment Plans in Knoxville, TN

Most patients seeking Chiropractic Care for the first time do so because they are suffering from a markedly painful  or long standing condition that involves a lot of pain,  discomfort or difficulty moving, and sometimes other dys-functions (tingling sensations, headaches, etc). These patients usually need to be seen very frequently, sometimes every other day, until their bodies’ response  to the Adjustment becomes evident and they are able to “hold” their Adjustment for a few days despite stressors. This is called the Crisis Care phase.

Treatment plans of six to twelve chiropractic visits are usually recommended for patients in the Crisis Care phase. These treatment plans include Chiropractic Adjustments and any other therapies that the patient may need (heat, cold, electro-therapy, massage, LASER, etc.)

Forms of Payment:

  • Do I need Health Insurance?
    When using insurance, in ADDITION to your co-pay AND deductible, you are also responsible for any charges that your insurance company does not pay.  Many health insurance policies flat out do not cover Chiropractic. Often, health insurance companies do not realistically cover Chiropractic, although you may have been told “they do.” Some health insurance policies have deductibles that are SO high, that the sum of the deductible ALONE is larger than what it would cost to get a whole YEAR of self-pay Chiropractic Care at Genesis!  For people who understand the many traps of insurance and wish to avoid them, people who do not have health insurance, or those who  value the liberty of self-pay,  Dr. C offers Chiropractic Treatment Packages and Membership. You do NOT NEED insurance to begin care at Genesis!
  • What are Chiropractic Treatment Packages?
    These are treatment packages that include 6 to 12 office visits. You pay for a determined number of visits with each package and receive a discount for pre-paying.
  • Can I “Pay As I Go?”
    Yes. In this scenario, Dr. C makes his recommendations as to  how many times per week you need to be seen in the practice. You agree to the recommended care, then decide when you want to show up and pay the fees for each visit. HOWEVER, you are still responsible for complying with your care plan, and there are NO discounts in this situation – so the cost is HIGHER than a Prepaid Treatment Package.

Past the Crisis Care

When the Crisis Care is past, most patients understand their need to continue care to make sure that they do not suffer a set-back. This happens especially when dealing with conditions that patients have been dealing with for a long time, or that were caused by an accident or other type of trauma. During this second phase of care, patients don’t need to be seen as often as they may have during Crisis Care, but they do need to visit the practice regularly (every 4-5 days, once a week, once every ten days, etc.)

Other patients who need continued care are those in lines of work that involve great stress, are very physically demanding, or require that a person sit for long periods of time. Patients who have a history of bad posture often also need continued care.

Patients who need continued Chiropractic care beyond the crisis phase are offered Membership Plans.

If you are looking for Chiropractic Treatment Plans in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas call our office today to make an appointment.(865) 454-0313 or click here to schedule your appointment online.

The Power that Created your Body, CAN still heal your Body.
God gave you an body that can self-heal when free from dysfunction and interference… Call Dr. C to restore its ideal self-healing function! (865) 454-0313

Dr. C [Marco E. Castaneda, DC, BA, CFT] is a Palmer-graduated Chiropractor who provides quality individualized chiropractic care to patients in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas. Genesis Chiropractic is located in Halls Crossroads, TN, off of Emory Road, between Maynardville Hwy. and Tazewell Pike, very close to the Gibbs crossing and only a few miles from Corryton. (7786 Emory Chase Ln, Knoxville, TN 37918)

This website has been developed for the purposes of informing and educating. If you have any questions about particular conditions, please contact Dr. C at (865) 454-0313 or e-mail him at:


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