How can I heal ideally?

Often, patients injure themselves in sports or life, and realize they’ve hurt themselves. If they don’t “get better” (code for “if it doesn’t stop hurting” which is NOT the same thing as healing) after a set time, they may visit their Medical Doctor. Most of the time, they are “diagnosed” with “muscle strain” or “______-itis” (an inflammation of a tissue, such as “tendon-itis,” or, if of Hombre Chueco Pica joint “arthr-itis.”) and given drugs for pain or swelling.

Unfortunately, the cause of their “_____-itis” is often not addressed nor even explained. So they go on about their lives, happy if their “pain” seems to “go away” after taking their drugs for a while.

One problem in this is that when the bio-mechanical cause of their body’s dysfunction is NOT addressed, the damage continues. If I misalign your car’s front end, your tires wear out unevenly, even if your car does not  give “signs” (pain signals) of it. In your body, joints wear out UNEVENLY – not because of age, but because of unbalanced forces going through them. Removing uneven forces that are going through your joints (especially through those of your spine) is a key way to ensure an ideal healing. Chiropractors are  trained  to be able to locate and correct areas of dysfunction in your body so that your healing can be ideal.

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