Why Chiropractic Regularly?

Although Chiropractic in truth, deals with something far greater and much more important than just relieving “back pain,” studies of this aspect of Chiropractic practice can be valuable.

Recently, an INTERNATIONAL Clinical and Research EXPERT FORUM was held to discuss the “State of the Art in Motor Control and Low Back Pain.”

Pub LBP Sp looking Lt JPEG

What is “motor control training?” It was defined as “any therapeutic procedure that promotes normal muscle function, range of motion, and postural changes.”

If your Chiropractor Adjusts your spine (and manipulates other joints) to restore normal (ideal) joint play and motion, decrease “noise” to your spinal cord from dysfunctional  joints (freeing up your spinal cord or its ‘tracts’ for a better conduction of other signals related to LIFE), and possibly adds in specific exercise suggestions with sound nutritional advice, he is performing a type of “motor control training,” as it is your joints (especially those along your SPINE) that tell your brain HOW and when to recruit your muscles.

Treating AFTER pain “is gone” was also touched upon because of the neuroplastic changes that TAKE TIME. As discussed in the book “The Brain That Changes Itself” (by Doidge), it is understood that it takes at LEAST six months of being pain free to make changes permanent. This is because the original brain changes that occur when one is in pain make your brain/body think the pain is “normal,” and unlearning this takes time and repetition. The end result is a re-configuration of your brain and life experience. Are you ready?

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