Fix Your Camel!

Have you ever ended up in pain for “no apparent reason?” Pain that just sort of “appeared all of a sudden?” Science now knows that such an experience may not be “all of a sudden” after all. Your pain (and a whole lot of OTHER symptoms!) may in fact have been developing for a long time WITHOUT you knowing about it. It’s all part of the “background” processing” your brain is doing without your being conscious (or aware) of it. Kind of like the “1000 Straws” that “broke the camel’s back” – the camel is fine with 999 straws (or stressors) on its back, but one more tiny straw, and… BOOM! It breaks.

The “straws” building up on your camel’s back can include all sorts of things, such as poor sleep, awkward postures, repetitive movements, lifting wrong, accidents, stepping off a curb unaware, stressful environments, foods containing things that aren’t really food at all, and negative self-talk. Subtle changes occur due to all of these things, to the point where a person reaches the limit of their ability to adapt – their “999 straws.” Then all it takes is just one more thing to go wrong and you end up with a nerve system dysfunction (a subluxation), pain, and other symptoms.

Fix your Camel JPG

We also know that changes occur in the brain after an injury or dysfunction, and this very quickly changes the way the brain processes ALL other incoming sensory information. As this goes on, it changes the way the brain perceives the REALITY of what is happening not only IN their body, but AROUND it.

Is the way your perceive reality important? Certainly! This is why some Chiropractors encourage their Practice Members to be checked  just as frequently as they check their Family members. Get Checked and Adjusted, brush off those straws (especially the ones you “can’t feel!”), and restore your adaptive potential and perception!

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