What my Dentist taught me about Chiropractic

Some time ago, I had a fine dental practice improve my smile by using modern braces and cosmetic dentistry. When first beginning the use of braces, I was warned as to the likelihood of pain and discomfort, and prescribed pain medication.

Thankfully (thank you, Abba!), my discomfort/pain levels did not get to such a level that I would feel compelled to use the pain drugs (“meds”).

However, I did notice that during the first two months, come 8:00 in the evening, I was TOAST. Done, kaput, stick a fork in me, fried. That is, at that time I could no longer “handle” patients or even my loved ones. I had to be alone, preferably in the darkened bedroom, and usually, asleep. By EIGHT O’CLOCK PM!!

dentist child in chair pic

How could this be? The SIGNALS emanating from my teeth’s JOINTS were “nociceptive” signals, that is, of “discomfort” or “noxious stimuli,” yet NOT necessarily enough to be registered as “PAIN” by my brain. You may recall that’s how the nervous system works – if there is sufficient noxious stimuli to reach a “threshold,” then the brain registers it as PAIN, (Ouchy!) otherwise, you “don’t (seemingly) hurt.” However, carrying those nociceptive signals all day up and down my spinal cord was EXHAUSTING!! And eventually would just “wear me out.”

Just like anywhere else in the body, when joints along the spine are subluxated, they send nociceptive signals to your spinal CORD. Although these may not be enough to cause you to feel “pain,” they clutter your spinal cord, and make demands of your nerve system that can exhaust you. This is NOT ideal, and is also why most GENESIS Chiropractic Practice Members find they “…just function better!” and “…just seem to do better!” when being checked and Adjusted on a regular basis. When was the last time YOU got Checked and Adjusted?  

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