Current (COVID-19) Status at GENESIS

AS Essential Providers, and in an effort to do our part to support our community
and their well-being, we are doing our best to keep our normal office hours.
Mindful of current recommendations and procedures, we are disinfecting tables after each patient as well as disinfecting other points of contact every few hours,
and to minimize exposure and streamline care in our office (as well as acknowledge current social distancing protocols), we ask that – when possible, clients consider waiting in their vehicles until just before their appointment time – to ease traffic in and out of the office. Viruses may spread, yet often fear and uncertainty spread faster. Please recall diaphragmatic breathing, meditation / prayer, the import of clean food and water, fresh air, exercise, and your routine care. Your Chiropractor is an “essential provider” because he assists Your internal Essential Provider! Thank you – for being proactive, mindful, and staying healthy – Above, Down, Inside, (and) Out. O:-)

“Nerve Dysfunction is stressful to the visceral nerve and other body structures and the lowered tissue resistance modifies the immune response and lessens the overall capability of the immune system.”

(Schwarz, J. SCIENCE (81). pp. 1100-1109)

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